LUSETA beauty dry shampoo review

Dry shampoo is the latest trend these days. I have no idea what happened to good old days when we used to shampoo our hair and wash them clean under a warm shower but this is not a bad product.I like to use dry shampoo usually on road trips or when i am out of time and i need to get rid of the oiliness in my hair. I don’t use this regularly though.

I got this particular brand dry shampoo in my ipsy glam bag. I was excited to used this since it was a tiny travel size and i could carry it around in my purse and spray it when there is an emergency. But to my disappointmenti left it in my car, got back from work and lifted to shake and spray on my hair for a quick tea party when it burst right when i put it back after shaking to grab my brush. I was so freaked out and i thought maybe it was just my spray that acted a bit weird when i got a mail from ipsy that a lot of other girls had same problem.

So a BIG NO to this product. As much as i love short cuts, i love my face too. I just cant get over the fact that it could’ve burst in my hand or on my face. I would never pay and buy anything of this brand at all.

But what never worked for me may work for other so don’t hesitate to give it a try. This was my honest review about my experience with it.



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