GARNIER SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Garnier micellar cleansing water is the new hyped up product in town. I couldn’t control myself from buying this product and i must say i do not regret it. I got a coupon in mail the other day for $2 off on any garnier products so i ran to CVS next to my house and grabbed this baby. I found a travel size one too which is so cute and easy to carry around during vacation.

These will be my second bottle and i am planning on buying it again. Its so smooth and non greasy and leaves my skin so soft. I pour little on a cotton pad and wipe my makeup off with it. I do not need to press it hard and rub or keep rubbing until waterproof makeup comes of, I just have to wipe it off as if i am wiping just one layer of makeup. I prefer the blue one since it removes my water proof mascara which is soooooooo hard to remove and i am sure every women can relate to it. I got my bottle for $6 after coupon from CVS and i use it everyday to cleanse my face before sleeping even if i do not have any makeup on. It leaves my skin so baby soft and clean. If i have hell lot of makeup i prefer cleansing twice just to be sure i don’t have anything left on my skin.

I would definitely recommend this product and rate it 10/10 since its affordable and comes in a huge bottle that is available everywhere.

It is my honest opinion and i am not paid for it nor was i sent this products for free.



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