Nair hair removal cream Review

I got this hair removal cream only because it said baby oil on it. And apparently i should’ve done a bit more research on it before buying it. I had the worst experience of my life with this cream. I fear hair removal creams so much now that i prefer waxing or shaving even if i am out of time.

I read the instructions carefully and kept a timer on my phone and applied this cream on my underarms. It said to keep it on for 5 min then wash it or wipe it with a wet towel. After applying it, it burnt so much that i couldn’t even wait till 5 min. I just kept in on for only 2 min and washed it off. But to my utter surprise while washing it itched so much then it started burning like HELL. When i saw in the mirror my underarms were completely black and the skin peeled off. It was burning so much for days. I couldn’t use deo or perfume cause in case it reaches my underarms i would die or burn. After 2 years i still have black underarms. I tried every DIY remedy but looks like there is no way i can get rid of it.

I swear i will never ever use any creams even if they have full reviews on myself ever again.

But this is my personal experience. Not everyone has same. What suits you may not suit me so this is my review about it.dee12044-b609-4216-907e-1e1b85d6104a_1.a2601f723d8aa9192d9224485fbb4cbe


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