Tarte blush is my new favorite blush for this hot Texas weather. I love blushes a lot but being kind of tan skinned i am always very peculiar about the shades of blushes i use. I do not wanna look like a barbie doll with two pink huge dots on my cheeks. As much as i love pinks, i always have to go with nudes or orange blushes cause pink never suits me much. I came across this blush around 6 months ago at Sephora and I LOVE IT.

I got 5 of this blush and kept it just in case tarte decides to get rid of this shade. As the blush says its a 12 hours long lasting blush , i kind of don’t agree since you sweat through out the day and you end up needing a touch up every few hours but it doesn’t disappear like other blushes. I feel the mac ones just melt into my skin after few hours and i need to put on blush again. This product is so creamy that it doesn’t look cakey on face and blends perfectly smooth. I like that it takes very less of the product to give that pinky glow on regular day makeup looks. I will definitely keep buying it and i purchased mine for $29 and it was worth my money in every aspect. I will buy the dusty rose shade soon and review it.

I will rate this product 10/10.


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