I am in mid 20s and my skin is so soft and smooth according to myself. I scrub,i cleanse and i tone everyday and night but is it sufficient for my skin that is growing older every second? Definitely no. I always thought i took good care of my skin and i need no facials in my life as they just cost me a lot more than i can afford. I went to see my dermatologist and she told me the importance of facials.

They not only clean my skin and pores but also tighten then skin with the circular massage you do with your fingers. I came across this Indian brand facial kit which is so cheap and could be done at home too very easily.

this kit is one time use kit but it has so much product in each packet that you can use it on 2 people. Whenever i use this i share it with my friend and its enough for both of us. All packets comes with a number to make it easier to follow which one to use when and has all directions written on it, it even has pictures on it showing how to massage or the best way to learn is you tube. It comes with a cleanser and then you scrub your face then massage with gel and the the cream and at the end face pack.

VOlA…you see a party ready glowy skin. I love this facial kit and i use it twice a month and my complexion has glowed ever since. I even got the other variety of facials and i will try is ASAP but i swear by this one. The best thing about this is that since its not harsh,even teenage girls can use it. I love how leaves my skin clean clear and fresh.

I got mine from amazon for $8.99. This is not a paid review. DO give it a try and lemme know about it





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